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Less is more

In an age of “who screams the loudest” branding, I am relieved to see a small, yet growing, minority of individuals and companies embrace the “less is more” mentality. It […]

The Brooding Inspector

“In the seaside town of Vigàta, Sicily, innocence and idealism die even faster than the whores, drifters, and small-time Mafiosi who infest the village with an air of gritty decadence […]

The Secret Super Tuscan

You probably think of a Super Tuscan as a very pricey red wine from Tuscany and you are quite correct. Tignanello, Solaia, Le Pergole Torte, Sassicaia and Ornellaia, to name […]

The Man Chair

I actually like going shopping. Most guys hate it and I get it. So let me restate that phrase to say that I like going shopping for myself not so […]

The Mad Hatter Or Mad About Hats?

When I was growing up, in large part thanks to my father’s love affair and work with Hollywood, we always watched the masters Fellini, Hitchcock, Welles, Rossellini, Hawks, Capra and […]

The Hybrid Pen

I have a sizable collection of pens. Mainly fountain pens, but there are ballpoint and roller ball pens with which I enjoy writing. With so much of our daily routine […]

Beauty and The Beast

When it comes to the birds and the bees, their mating rituals usually entail the boys trying to attract the girls. This is done for the most part using elaborate […]

A Martini at The Carlyle

There is nothing quite like a Martini at The Carlyle in New York. The drink itself is quite fabulous, but the pomp and circumstance (or lack thereof) is really what […]

The Lost Art of Shaving

Although this is discussed far and wide as well as already having made an appearance on my New York Dad’s Blog, The Dapper Dad cannot ignore discussing shaving since it […]

Boys will be boys

A recent exchange with my esteemed fellow daddy blogger Jack (Jack Be Nimble) inspired me to post something that is guaranteed to get a nice (and probably endless) debate going […]

The Prince and the Pauper

Vanity is for the insecure. Style is for the bold. That is my take on the matter. Vain people spend hours in front of the closet mirror worrying what others […]

The Dapper Dad

Welcome to The Dapper Dad! A brief introduction is necessary as I gather my thoughts and gets things started. Many of you already know me as New York Dad over […]