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I looked down at my watch after taking that first refreshing sip of my Manhattan on the rocks last Saturday and noticed the time – 5:46pm. Only fourteen minutes away […]

Pipe Dreams

In a former life I used to smoke pipes. I still smoke the rare bowl or treat myself to a fine cigar once or twice a year, but with kids […]

OMAS and the Far East

The beauty of fountain pens is that they are a combination of utilitarian design. They serve a function and, most of the time, they look pretty darn cool. Many manufacturers […]

Bourbon and Heresy

What I am about to say is pure heresy. I just drank Bourbon and loved it – it’s made in New York (the town of Gardiner, to be exact). I […]

The Umbrella

I know, what could be plainer than an umbrella? Five bucks and you can grab one on any street corner when the first drizzle starts and if the wind blows […]

Let it snow.

After the recent snowfall in New York and the city’s absolute failure in clearing any of it, I completely over reacted. I went out and tested boots that I thought […]

Smooth Writing

You cannot help but smile to yourself when you pick up and start writing with the Lamy 2000 fountain pen. You are holding a pen that not only has won […]