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Letterpress is by far my favorite form of printing for calling cards and personal note cards. The depressed lettering and markings makes the finished product feel hand made and yet […]

In the Navy…

The Duffle coat can trace its origin to the Belgian town of Duffel, where warm woolen clothing was manufactured to stave off the winter chill. The coat itself, which was […]

From bands to watches…

The Maratac brand is veiled in mystery. Everyone who buys these classic “military” watch bands wants to know more about the company that seems to not exist. The bands are […]

Simple Shoes

That’s actually not just a headline, but the name of the brand. I got a pair of their Carport Elastics over the summer and love them. Their tag line is […]

Rain, rain go away…

Autumn has hit New York full force and it is wet, wet, wet. Dusting off the rain boots I thought I would share with you my favorite pair: JCrew waxed […]

The Open Road

There is just something about motorcycles that I have always loved. I have never owned a real bike and have only ridden a couple of times (as a new dad […]

A Summer Panacea

The Germans and Austrians have their Radler, the French their Panaché, the Spanish have their la Clara, the Mexicans their Cerveza preparada and the Brits their Shandy. Beer and lemonade […]

A Danish Time Keeper

I was recently reintroduced to a watch that I always flirted with, but was never able to ask out on that date. It just never felt right and it’s hard […]