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The Hybrid Pen

I have a sizable collection of pens. Mainly fountain pens, but there are ballpoint and roller ball pens with which I enjoy writing. With so much of our daily routine (work and play) dominated by computers and multimedia gadgets and gizmos, we almost never use pen and paper unless it’s to leave a quick note or a Post-It. Despite my own love of all things electronic, I still find myself using pen and paper everyday because it is such an enjoyable experience. You can read more about my love of pen and paper by going to Verba Volant Scripta Manent because what I wanted to write about here is the discovery of a pen that has been around for a while, but that I was always skeptical about adding to my collection. I am talking about Monteverde USA’s Mega Ink Ball.

A cross between a fountain pen and a roller ball, this pen is quite unique. I was worried about the ink flow given the differences in the inks that are found in fountain pens versus roller balls and I wondered if the angle at which you held the Mega Ink Ball would make a difference when writing. I got it all prepped and filled with ink and took it to work to put it through the rigors of my vigorous scrawl and exaggerated note taking. I have not put it down since that first day. I am struck by how smooth it is and by how the ink settles just as it does with a fountain pen. The only friendly warning is to test one out at a local store because it is larger than most pens you may be used to and you want to make sure you like how it fits and feels in your hand while writing. With Father’s Day around the corner, I would put this on your wish list if you are looking for something different. There is nothing quite like putting pen to paper – even as today it becomes more and more a luxury.

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