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Pens & Stationery

OMAS and the Far East

The beauty of fountain pens is that they are a combination of utilitarian design. They serve a function and, most of the time, they look pretty darn cool. Many manufacturers […]

Smooth Writing

You cannot help but smile to yourself when you pick up and start writing with the Lamy 2000 fountain pen. You are holding a pen that not only has won […]


Letterpress is by far my favorite form of printing for calling cards and personal note cards. The depressed lettering and markings makes the finished product feel hand made and yet […]

Less is more

In an age of “who screams the loudest” branding, I am relieved to see a small, yet growing, minority of individuals and companies embrace the “less is more” mentality. It […]

The Hybrid Pen

I have a sizable collection of pens. Mainly fountain pens, but there are ballpoint and roller ball pens with which I enjoy writing. With so much of our daily routine […]