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Beauty and The Beast

When it comes to the birds and the bees, their mating rituals usually entail the boys trying to attract the girls. This is done for the most part using elaborate dances, spectacular colors, beautiful songs and other means to “look good” for the ladies. One of the exceptions to this natural selection process is the male of the homo sapiens. Go to the epicenter of any town or city’s nightlife and you will notice in most cases that the opposite is true when it comes to men and women. The women arrive all a flutter in their high heels, cocktail dresses, silk stocking, impeccable hair and perfect makeup. The men look like they have just woken up from last night’s fraternity initiation: sweat stained baseball cap (reversed), t-shirt from the hamper, jeans (or khakis if they feel like “dressing up”), braided leather belt from the early 90s and running sneakers or flip flops. Why?
I ask simply because it is incomprehensible to me that when you are out on the town (whether married or single) you would not want to tidy up a bit? All too often, the only guys I see in a suit and tie are the ones who have just left the office and headed straight to the bar or restaurant, but who, I am sure, would rather blend in with the rest of the cave men. The women, I will admit, overdo it a tad, in most cases, especially when they are heading to the local pub for an early bird wings and pitchers special – the dress certainly does not fit the occasion. Can we not find a compromise in which we do not have to see the Beauty making small talk with the Beast in real life?
We are talking about interacting with the fairer sex and despite advances in women’s equality and what not, you still should open the door for them even if she is smarter than you. This applies also to making yourself presentable when meeting her at a bar or taking her out to dinner whether or not you are married and no matter what your intentions are for that evening’s finale.
This means that you take a shower, shave and/or trim your facial hair, dab on some good Cologne (some – don’t shower with it), put on a pressed shirt or Lacoste, slip on a pair of proper dress pants (khakis do not count – they are for Navy officers) or neat jeans, maybe a jacket, a simple belt with a plain buckle and a pair of shoes to match. I will assume that you are not colorblind and can therefore properly assemble these things without looking like a zebra or a peacock.
You should be respectful first and foremost to yourself as a man and, of course, to the women you want to talk to or your soul mate for whom you should always look your best, regardless of the occasion.
I urge you to consider this the next time you are about to grab those soiled boxers from the top of the pre-wash load as you get ready to go out for a drink or dinner. It takes the same amount of time to get dressed smartly as it does to dress like a slob. Always remember that women notice these things – forever.

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dapper |ˈdapər| adjective (typically of a man) neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing.

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