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The Man Chair

I actually like going shopping. Most guys hate it and I get it. So let me restate that phrase to say that I like going shopping for myself not so much with others – especially women. I will certainly get my fair share of complaints that I am stereotyping, but in this case my statement comes from years of personally observing this behavioral pattern.

Here is the difference between how I shop and, hypothetically speaking, my wife and most women I know shop. I will walk into a store and if I know what I am looking for go straight to where it is grab my size, shape, weight, length, whatever and try it on, check if it works, looks like the photo, etc. (check that it is in good shape – yes I am totally uptight when it comes to new products) and off to pay for it I go. If, instead, I am not looking for anything in particular, I will look around and if I see something that interests me I will do one of two things: the above mentioned routine or make a mental note to research said object later to make sure it is unique, dependable, available in different models, best price etc. What I do not do is meander the store and stare at a particular item for hours wondering what it would look like, feel like, fit like etc. then pull one of each color, style, size, etc. and head to the changing room to emerge three hours later. So what I always wonder out loud is why so many stores do not have comfortable “man chairs”?

You guys know what I am talking about. Usually, you are lucky if there is a little ledge or bench in the store to lean on while you wait (and God forbid you don’t have something to read or to entertain you). It really is not that hard to give us guys our own little “kiddie corner” so we do not have to stand there fidgeting while our significant others try on the entire store (especially if the ladies are in a group). So here are my three top choices for in-store Man Chairs to help out the architects when they are building the space.

Poltrona Frau’s Vanity Fair. This Italian designed leather beauty is the iconic Club Chair and has been around since the 1930s. Large armrests and padded back allows you to sit comfortably and, why not, catch some shut eye while the ladies wreak havoc in the dressing room.

The Eames Lounge and Ottoman. This lounge chair is one of the most recognized chairs in the world. Designed and developed over many years by Charles and Ray Eames, it was produced by in 1956 by the Herman Miller furniture company. If the stores would give you complimentary slippers and a paper I think you would never want to get up out of this chair.

A Hammock. I realize this is a bit of a stretch, but imagine the comfort of lying in a hammock. The store could serve drinks or you could simply lie there swaying gently and fall into a blissfully deep slumber.

It may be necessary to start a petition to present to major retailers to head our calls for such pampering. I figure if we are holding the purse or manning the stroller while the ladies shop, we might as well do so in comfort. In the end we end up not caring how long they stay in the dressing rooms and it’s a win-win for the retailer. The only other condition that must be met for the dads is a nanny and fully stocked toy chest to keep the kids entertained while you doze off. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

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