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Smooth like a baby’s bottom

I have come to appreciate Weleda products over the course of the last couple of years because I have used them to bathe my son and to take care of any and all of his rashes that have appeared from time to time. I know my wife also uses their creams, but not being a big fan of creams and moisturizers (I have never found one that did remain greasy) I never really thought about using Weleda products myself.

While I was picking up some diaper cream a while ago, I noticed that there was a tube of Weleda Shaving Cream nearby and was surprised because I thought they only did baby and skin care products like body creams. I probably would not have given it a second thought, since I have my favorites already, and Weleda just does not show up on the shaving radar, but I was curious.

It has been two weeks since I started to use Weleda’s Shaving Cream, After-shave Balm and Smooth Shave Toner and my face has been very satisfied with the experience. I did not doubt they had great products because of the positive experience with my son, but I just assumed that they would not have the same know-how as companies that specialize in shaving products (then again some that make that claim make utter garbage).

The Weleda Shaving Cream has overtaken a few of my favorite soaps and creams after this brief, yet passionate, two-week relationship. I love discovering a great new shaving cream to add to my personal barbershop. I tried different brushes and different amounts to see what fit my routine best. The scent is subtle and has a pleasant herbal (not medicinal) smell that is a nice break from the many musky and leathery soaps and creams available that are often quite overpowering. The lather with a brush is nice and thick. I also tired it without a brush and it lathers just as well. The safety razor’s head glides effortlessly without losing its weight as it shaves. Many creams either create a layer of slime that is almost impenetrable or are so thin that razor burn is inevitable. Weleda’s Shaving Cream is one of the best I have tried at striking the balance between glide and close shave. An added bonus for frequent flyers is the 2.5oz tube it is packaged in that makes it travel ready for carry-ons so you can just pack it without needing a measuring cup.

I alternated using the Weleda After-shave Balm and the Smooth Shave Toner to see which I liked best, although I already had a biased for balms going into this comparison. Not surprisingly, I preferred the after-shave balm. I never liked the “astringent” after-shaves because they always give me that Home Alone Macaulay Culkin meets Munch’s Scream face when I slap them on. In its defense, the Weleda Smooth Shave Toner does not have that shocking sting that many astringent and antiseptic after-shaves have and it has a brief and pleasant citrus zest and spice smell to it that gives your state of early morning grogginess a bit of a jolt before fading. In fact, the balm is exactly what I am looking for in an after-shave. Non-greasy, soothing, quickly absorbed and, just as with the toner, after an initial whiff of citrus and spice it’s gone.

Weleda did not let me down. Just as it performs for my son it has done a great job with my shaving routine and I am going to add it to the rotation. Grab some shaving cream and balm next time you reach for some Weleda diaper cream for your baby and let me know what you think. I was certainly impressed.

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