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Father’s Day Wish List

Here is a short list of what I want for Father’s Day. Who knows it may inspire you while looking last minute for your own dad or the father of your children (this is the last full weekend to mull over your choices).

Bialetti Coffee and Milk – the original stovetop Moka (no, not Mocha) with milk foamer. This is how they do it in Italy. Cheaper and faster than waiting on line at your local coffee giant chain to plunk down your $5 for your burnt coffee. You can get a rich espresso or create the perfect cappuccino. It’s the perfect way to start your day (no, a Cappuccino is not an after dinner drink). I have several already, but you can never have enough.

DODOcase – you know it is just a matter of time before you let the siren call draw you into purchasing an iPad, so why not get ready for that moment? These cases look like large moleskine notebooks so the hipster in you can hide the hi-tech bling with the low-tech cover. These beauties are hand-made in the Bay Area and you will have to wait to get yours so put an order in now (gives you an excuse to wait a little longer for the inevitable).

Jack Spade – always simple and elegant. This can be used for papers as well as a laptop or the iPad that you will soon get. Also in brown, but that would be boring and, anyway, I already have it in that color.

Foosball Table – every man that I know has pined after one. Once you get beyond the space issue there is no other game table (other than billiards) that a guy would want in his home. If you have kids you have the perfect excuse, now.

Stipula Passaporto – this fountain pen is incredibly portable. Stipula is a relative new comer to the world of fountain pens (founded in 1973 it started to focus on pens in the early 1990s), but is well known for making fantastic nibs using always the best material. The Passaporto is lightweight and “expandable” so that you can carry it everywhere.

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