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dap·per |ˈdapər|

adjective (typically of a man) neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing.

ORIGIN late Middle English: probably from a Middle Low German or Middle Dutch word meaning ‘strong, stout.’

Despite the title, I consider myself a humble albeit opinionated dad who tries never to forget what it really means “to feel like a million bucks” (N.B. I said “feel” not “have”). Vanity is not the issue here – I promise. Nor, really, is it about being a snob. It’s about feeling good despite the chaos that reigns over your world ever since that incredible moment you became a father. Now that the world as you know it has been turned upside down, the word “me” is a luxury – as it should be when you have a far more precious person(s) to look after and love. This does not mean that every day or even just once and a while, you should not take care of yourself.

The Dapper Dad

I like “nice things” which I understand is a very subjective notion. This includes dressing well so that I don’t feel and look like a slob which does not suggest that I wear a tuxedo while feeding my son. This also means that I enjoy writing with a fountain pen and sending people Thank You notes on proper stationery, even though today’s norms find it acceptable to quickly dispatch an e-mail. Personally, slipping an elegant watch on my wrist or wearing cuff-links on a crisp shirt is a great way to start the day. I wear dark socks with shoes, white socks with sneakers and go barefoot when the weather and terrain permits. I like the occasional Martini the way it is supposed to be made – with Gin, a whiff of very dry Vermouth and a twist. I still open the door for the ladies and get up from the chair to greet people. And so on and so forth.

As a husband and father (you can read all about my experience as a dad at New York Dad’s Blog), I am often unable to live up to what I would regard proper Dapper Dad standards due to my own negligence and the ever present excuse that “I’ve got a kid kids!”. I am here to talk about my likes and dislikes – but there will be a fair share of sarcasm and self deprecation – and I welcome anyone to engage me in a conversation about their own ideas and opinions. There will be those that agree (great), those who disagree (sure) and those who, quite frankly, don’t care (understood).

I do, though, want to welcome everyone and anyone that feels they have something to contribute with their insights and suggestions to do so. Whether you are a wife, student, VIP, daughter, stylist, mom, shopaholic, philatelist, bachelor, bar tender, self-proclaimed dandy – the more the merrier and the better for the variation and personal style you can bring to the discussion. I promise I will try to be diplomatic – as all Dapper Dads should – no guarantees, though.

Hopefully this site is a resource for harried dads, suburban dads, curious dads, cosmopolitan dads, frugal dads, all dads and anybody, really, interested in getting away from it all for even a split second and in talking about the so-called “finer things in life” – whatever those might be – and in their own way being a Dapper Dad.

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