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Clowns with briefcases…

I was in a well-known haberdasher last week and noted to my dismay how dreadfully bankers dress. As I browsed some shirts I observed these seemingly well off (in the banking sense) men create the most appalling shirt and tie combinations I have ever seen. It is certainly true that money does not buy everything. I am certain that these men are emulating the bankers they see streaming into The City when they travel to London and yet they are utterly clueless to the secrets of Saville Row and Jermyn Street. When you fail to dress smart, your lack of style is even more glaring than if you are going for a more casual look. Bankers in this neck of the woods want so badly to look like the guys on the Financial Times or lounging on the yacht on The Robb Report that they purchase whatever it says in the bi-line or advertisement. What they are in desperate need of, however, is someone to actually mix and match their wardrobe so they do not look like a clown with a briefcase.

It is depressing to note that in a city like New York which shares bragging rights with other international cities as a fashion epicenter, the richest lot cannot match a tie with a shirt and mistaken khakis as business casual attire as long as it is paired with loafers and no socks. You end up with a line of wanna-be preppies who are neither meat nor fish. At least politicians in Washington have the excuse that they are, well, in DC.

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