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Simple Shoes

That’s actually not just a headline, but the name of the brand. I got a pair of their Carport Elastics over the summer and love them. Their tag line is appropriate: “For grown-ups who can’t tie their shoes.” With so many well-known “casual” sneaker brands out there, Simple Shoes definitely has a style that is unique and unlike many other shoes in this category they are actually very comfortable. I personally do not like wearing running shoes or cross trainers if I am not, well, running or cross training so with rare exceptions I prefer to find a comfortable casual sneaker to wear with my jeans. The Carport Elastics are cushioned and wide (which is a life saver for my extra wide feet) and they fit snug so I avoid blisters.

Aesthetically they may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but they have a very cool understated look that is, just like the brand, simple. The added bonus, even for the least eco-friendly and ethical of you, is the entire supply chain used to make these shoes is aimed at being sustainable. If you want to feel good about your future purchase of Simple Shoes you can read all about their ethical supply chain guidelines and about the materials they use on their website. As always with shoes you have to try them on to see if you really like them. Looks will only get your feet so far.

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