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An Omega by any other name…

The last truly beautiful watch that Omega made, as far as I am concerned, dates back to the mid-90s when they came out with a chrono and date watch that for some bizarre reason they named the Dynamic. I say bizarre because in the 60s they had already come out with several designs of their well-known Dynamic including a unique version made for the Italian market of the Chronostop (modeled after watches used by race car drivers to get lap times using their left hand while steering with their right).

There are absolutely no aesthetic commonalities and yet these models represent moments in which Omega bravely strayed from their standard issue Constellations, Seamasters, Speedmasters and Devilles. This watchmaker has had its ups and downs with designs (among other things), but these are watches that have made me look back at all the designs it has come up with to see what other “surprises” I might find.

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