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A shirt is all it takes…

If I may so bold as to give all you gents a tip as you go about your business during the day. Although it is always easier to grab a t-shirt from the hamper, sniff it, gag and proceed to pull it on anyway, just once a week I beg of you to grab a clean shirt and if you are in a colder climate throw on a v-neck sweater. It is a simple step and will make you look and feel that much better (no need for a jacket and tie). This goes for a trip to the supermarket, to the playground or when dropping off the kids at school. Shirts and sweaters are washable so no need to fear your kids unless of course they are wielding a Sharpie. Men really clean up nicely when wearing a shirt compared to a T-shirt. Just something to consider unless of course you are heading out to chop wood, pour concrete or play paintball.

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Try this with kids

dapper |ˈdapər| adjective (typically of a man) neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing.

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