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Archimede: Watch craftsmanship is alive and well in Germany.

Although I do like the peculiar and particular watch from time to time, there is nothing like a classic design. Pilot watches, dive watches, railroad watches and other classic designs have been around since the first watches were strapped to wrists. There is a small company in Germany that carries on the tradition of simple yet functional watches in Pforzheim considered the heart of the German watch industry since 1767 when Grand Duke Karl Friedrich of Baden laid the groundwork with the construction of a watch factory.

As you can find out by visiting their website, Karl Ickler founded the Ickler family business in 1924, his own watch case manufacture and despite remaining inactive during the war started production again in 1947 and today is managed by the third-generation Thomas Ickler.

Ickler manufactures premiere quality watches and watch cases. The cases are crafted in-house, from solid blocks of stainless steel, pure titanium or 18 carat gold. Much of the final polishing and all of the assembly is done by hand.

The highly experienced employees use the latest high tech CNC machinery, which is guaranteeing ultimate precision. When it comes to polishing the surfaces, assembling parts and complete watches, and thorough quality control, Ickler relies on the careful human touch.

After working on private label watches the Ickler family planned and designed its own ARCHIMEDE watches that debuted in 2003. Considering the materials and craftsmanship that goes into these watches, the pricing is very reasonable and the quality guarantees longevity. As they themselves confirm, the designers of Ickler renounce stylish trends in the design and put great emphasis on valuable classic and premiere quality.

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