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Bourbon and Heresy

What I am about to say is pure heresy. I just drank Bourbon and loved it – it’s made in New York (the town of Gardiner, to be exact). I can already hear the rumbling of the Kentucky Bourbon Gods as they reach out to shake sense into me. The audacity of such a statement is sure to anger those who adhere to the unwritten rule that Bourbon should come from the Bluegrass State (there are unverified statements that 95% of the world’s Bourbon supply comes from Kentucky).

Tuthilltown Spirits claims to be New York’s first whiskey distillery since prohibition. Mainly focused on Whiskeys, they do also produce some clear spirits and have done so on and off for more than 200 years. The Hudson Valley has a long history of fruit and grain alcohol distilleries and Tuthilltown has decided to bring it back with its small batch process.

Many distillers, these days, try to “elevate” Bourbon the same way Vodka and other spirits have done to create luxury niches, Tuthilltown is pretty no nonsense about sticking to a classic formula and creating pleasant whiskeys that refine old recipes. Their Hudson Whiskey four grain Bourbon tastes great, albeit less rough around the edges than most.

The return to the small batch distilleries is as welcome as most artisanal food and wine ventures that are delving in the past and building on tradition to find simple yet intense flavors. I am always onboard quality over quantity and even more so when it comes to wine and spirits. I suggest picking up a bottle for those occasions with family and friends or just when you can sit alone for some peace and quite to enjoy a few sips of this wonderful whiskey.

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