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OMAS and the Far East

The beauty of fountain pens is that they are a combination of utilitarian design. They serve a function and, most of the time, they look pretty darn cool. Many manufacturers are bringing back multi-colored celluloid as building material for fountain pens and not only does it make for a well balance and light weight writing instrument, but it allows you to pick and choose your own style.

Omas has been making such pens since Armando Simoni (OMAS stands for Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni) combined his love of Greek culture to his pen manufacturing know-how. Since 1925, OMAS, based in Bologna, Italy has designed the classic multifaceted OMAS pens that are unique in appearance. Recently they added a 360 triangular line that incorporates Greek trim as well as celluloid construction. OMAS has always used some of the finest nib technology and one hopes that even as it is transitioned into the larger reality of LVMH and it’s Hong Kong based partners Xinyu Hegdeli Group that OMAS will continue to maintain the Italian craftsmanship that has made it one of the most celebrated pen manufacturers in the industry.

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