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Do people still read?

It’s been a while. Writing has always been my preferred medium of communication. You write a first draft. Review and edit. Share it with others and evolve what you have put down into something more final, but not necessarily complete.

I wonder even if this is a relevant form of communication in this day and age. No one reads anymore and bandwidth is needed only for photos and more so for videos. We have inevitably become lazy and complacent.

I am just as guilty as the next. As a parent, time is the most precious commodity and the most reviled. If only there were 25 hours to get everything done and have time to ourselves. So if I can just scroll and like or if you can just soundbite it for me, even better.

It’s a shame. A good book is a good book and there is no film version that can give you the emotions and imagination of a well written and crafted manuscript.

So my question is: Are blogs still relevant?

I would contend that they are and I still try to keep up with my favorites. I do, though, realize that the ones I follow are niche and nerdy. Hodinkee for my curiosity of watches, for example, and plenty of menswear writers, although many of the best, in my opinion, have stopped writing, unfortunately.

How many of you have tried, for a time, to maintain a blog? Despite the constant fear that you were just adding words to an already cluttered field of blog posts, fretting over whether or not your writing style was sophisticated enough, let alone interesting in the least.

What I have always liked about the more personal blogs is finding myself smiling and nodding along with the musings of a kindred spirit. The more technical blogs I have always appreciated for their geekiness in presenting their information and involving me in their “in-the-know” conversation.

I will attempt to bring back a little bit of both, hopefully it will last and we will be able to bring back a lively conversation that I have missed terribly over the last few years.

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