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British Coffee… makers.

I love my coffee and I love trying all sorts of gadgets to make it. Until recently, though, nothing beats my stovetop Bialetti. There is one that comes close if […]

A Few Good Watches

Following the highs and lows of the classic “general purpose” military field watch’s popularity merits a stock market like graph (we might even discover that there is a correlation). As […]

Nausica: A Red from Sicily

I recently discovered a great red wine that I wanted to share with you. Made from the Sicilian Nero d’Avola grape, vintner Cantina Salvalai from the north of Italy has […]


I looked down at my watch after taking that first refreshing sip of my Manhattan on the rocks last Saturday and noticed the time – 5:46pm. Only fourteen minutes away […]

Pipe Dreams

In a former life I used to smoke pipes. I still smoke the rare bowl or treat myself to a fine cigar once or twice a year, but with kids […]