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OMAS and the Far East

The beauty of fountain pens is that they are a combination of utilitarian design. They serve a function and, most of the time, they look pretty darn cool. Many manufacturers […]

Bourbon and Heresy

What I am about to say is pure heresy. I just drank Bourbon and loved it – it’s made in New York (the town of Gardiner, to be exact). I […]

The Umbrella

I know, what could be plainer than an umbrella? Five bucks and you can grab one on any street corner when the first drizzle starts and if the wind blows […]

Let it snow.

After the recent snowfall in New York and the city’s absolute failure in clearing any of it, I completely over reacted. I went out and tested boots that I thought […]

Smooth Writing

You cannot help but smile to yourself when you pick up and start writing with the Lamy 2000 fountain pen. You are holding a pen that not only has won […]


Letterpress is by far my favorite form of printing for calling cards and personal note cards. The depressed lettering and markings makes the finished product feel hand made and yet […]

In the Navy…

The Duffle coat can trace its origin to the Belgian town of Duffel, where warm woolen clothing was manufactured to stave off the winter chill. The coat itself, which was […]

From bands to watches…

The Maratac brand is veiled in mystery. Everyone who buys these classic “military” watch bands wants to know more about the company that seems to not exist. The bands are […]