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Nausica: A Red from Sicily

I recently discovered a great red wine that I wanted to share with you. Made from the Sicilian Nero d’Avola grape, vintner Cantina Salvalai from the north of Italy has created Nausica, in their own words, has created a bright ruby red displaying notes of ripe fruit, mulberry, plum and tobacco. What is wonderful about this wine is not only how affordable it is to add to a good table wine rotation, but it really grows into a well-balanced wine a few days after uncorking it (initially most will find it a bit tart). This allows you to savor it over the course of several meals without the worry (typical of certain other reds) that it will taste a bit off if not consumed quickly. It is actually a light red, but it has enough body to enjoy it with richer fare. Uncork, pour and enjoy!



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