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The Pocket Sized Pit Master.

With no backyard to speak of, grilling in the City is pretty much off limits. There are certainly plenty of condo owners who flaunt the bylaws by grilling on their balconies while vacuuming the smoke to avoid detection and expulsion (aka Extreme Urban Grilling).

The Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill is one of the few portable grills I have seen first hand that can actually be tucked under the couch pillows when the superintendent knocks saying that the old lady with the yappy dog in 11C smells fire (no matter that it’s a no pet building – snitch).

This little beauty is super portable and allows you to setup a picnic in a blink of an eye. Just attach the gas canister (it works with both 16.4 or a 14.1 LP gas canisters), push the ignition button and the grill heats up lickety-split (and you can regulate the heat). The cast iron grate and the drip tray go in the dishwasher for easy clean up when you get home. So now even city dwellers can become grill masters (excuse the hyperbole).

I even read about a couple that uses it at their snow lodge for cooking breakfast bacon without having to worry that they will find their grill buried by fresh snow in the morning – what a rough life that must be. It certainly does not compare to an authentic wood burning open pit grill, but then again try putting one of those in your back pocket. For the city slicker and tailgater: Happy Trailgrilling!


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