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Tonic Port: Something to look forward to.

It’s another sweltering summer day here in the Northeast and a Monday to boot. So I thought I would keep it short and sweet so you could get back to fanning yourselves with a piece of paper or sticking your head in an ice bucket. Let’s say this is something to look forward to when the weekend slowly winds down in the next few days.

On my recent jaunt to Portugal, I inevitably stopped by the Douro Valley to get some Port into my system. I knew a bit about Port before I went, but it was certainly eye opening to get a run down by some of the locals as to the plethora of Ports – vintners and types. I will leave the bulk of that newfound knowledge for another time. For now I wanted to tell you about White Port.

The lesser known of the Port wines the white is perfect served chilled and even better when mixed with some tonic. I recently tried several bottles and found that so far one of my favorites is Fonseca’s Siroco since it is on the dry side (there is quite a range of sweet to dry white ports). I have walked into some of the usually well-stocked wine and spirits stores here in the city and found one or two choices at best so you may have to order it online, but it is worth it. Here is how I serve it:


White Port and Tonic

Take and Old Fashioned glass (aka low ball) and fill to taste with ice.

Mix in equal parts white port (chilled) and tonic water (chilled).

Squirt some lemon to bind it and drop in the wedge.

Stir and serve.

It goes well with pretty much anything you are apt to serve and eat during a hot summer’s eve. It is deceptively light, but I would go easy on it since white port is still a fortified wine so it will hit you out of nowhere if you imbibed too generously and your grilled prawns are going to go from perfectly cooked to charred in no time.


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