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Piero Lissoni’s Alessi Tic watch almost 10 years later

In 2008, Piero Lissoni gave an interview in which he talks about his philosophy on the office, architects and the work his firm has done around the world. Lissoni is known for his simple and minimalist designs. What is impressive about Lissoni is that he overseas projects in their entirety (conceptualization, art direction, design, production etc.) and clearly loves his “job.” For a while now I have been fawning over one of his many design collaborations. The Alessi Tic chrono watch. I find it stunning even after almost 10 years since it was produced. Linear, simple, futuristic, yet retro, the watch is well built and feels solid on my wrist. There is really not much more to say about it and if you are into the technical details of the movement you can visit the Alessi site for more info. One less item on my wish list.

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